"Practice Regular Charity" Thru Payroll Deduction
A Salaamu Alaykum

Here are the deadlines and links for 501(c)3 Non Profit Charities to apply for participation in the next employee charitable campaigns of 2017. The deadlines are firm. Click the links to obtain an application. Increase your donations by 300% by submitting your application ASAP. Many of these applications can be completed and submitted online, saving you time.

Having your charity qualify for 15 local CFC's (Combined Federal Campaign) enables your organization to be listed in all 200 CFC's, AND the National Combined Federal Campaign, with access to ALL Federal Government, Postal, and Military employees' payroll deduction. Application to any CFC is FREE.

Qualifying for the state, city, and/or university charitable campaigns gives your organization access to ALL employees of that state's, city's,  and/or university payroll deduction.

REGION            DEADLINE          WEBSITE

Campaigns For 2017 Participation

NYC Combined Municipal Campaign 10/2/2015 www.nyc.gov/html/dcas/html/employees/cmc.shtml

State of New Jersey         11/1/2016   www.njsecc.org
State of Georgia       1/3/2017             www.doas.ga.gov/sccp 

 National CFC 1/15/2017 www.opm.gov/combined-federal-campaign/ 

State of New York    1/15/2017           www.sefanys.or g

Madison WI                    1/29/2017      www.badgerlandcfc.org

Local Independent Charities Federation 1/31/2017 www.lic.org

State of Pennsylvania     1/31/2017   www.seca.state.pa.us

Univ Florida                2/2/2017       http://ufcc.ufl.edu/agencies

Newark, NJ                 2/7/2017               www.cfcnnj.org,
Baltimore, MD            2/10/2017            www.cbacfc.org          

Richmond VA            2/13/2017              www.potomaccfc.org

Chicago IL                2/17/2017              www.chicagocfc.net

State of Texas          2/20/2017           www.secctexas.org

State of Maryland     2/21/2017          www.mdcharity.org

Orlando FL               2/27/2017            www.cf-cfc.org

San Francisco, CA    2/27/2017       www.norcalcfc.org

Denver, CO              2/27/2017     www.metrodenvercfc.org

City of Baltimore     2/27/2017     ccc.baltimorecity.gov

State of California    2/27/2017       www.csecc.org

Tampa, FL                2/27/2017     suncoastcfc.org

State of Missouri      2/27/2017    msecc.mo.gov

State of Florida          3/1/2017    www.fsecc.com

Columbus OH          3/2/2017      www.cowvcfc.org

State of North Carolina 3/2/2017     www.ncsecc.org

State of Alabama     3/3/2017    statecombinedcampaign.org

New Orleans, LA      3/4/2017          www.cfcgno.org 

New York City          3/6/2017          www.nyccfc.org

Virginia Beach VA    3/6/2017          www.cfcshr.org

Williamsburg, VA      3/6/2017         www.cfcvp.org

Miami, FL                 3/6/2017          www.atlanticcoastcfc.org

State of Tennessee 3/6/2017           www.tn.gov/dohr

Philadelphia, PA        3/6/2017         www.cfcsnj.org

St Louis, MO             3/6/2017          www.gatewaycfc.org

Indiana                      3/6/2017           www.cfcindiana.org

Phoenix AZ               3/9/2017           www.maricopacfc.org

State of Arizona       3/9/2017           www.cfcaz.org

Dearborn Detroit, MI 3/6/2017          www.cfcsemi.org

Raleigh Durham, NC 3/10/2017       www.cfcgreaternc.org

Houston, TX             3/11/2017      www.cfctexasgulfcoast.org

Columbia, SC           3/16/2017     www.midlandsareacfc.org

Los Angeles, CA      3/6/2017       www.cfcofgreatersocal.org

Lansing, MI              3/15/2017      michcfc.org

Memphis, TN         3/18/2017      www.cfcmidsouth.org

Cleveland, OH        3/18/2017      www.northcoastcfc.org

Cincinnati, OH         3/20/2017     www.orvcfc.org

Pittsburgh, PA        3/20/2017      www.3riverscfc.org

Dallas Ft Worth, TX 3/20/2017    www.dfwmetroplexcfc.org

San Antonio, TX     3/21/2017     www.cfcsanantonio.org

Austin, TX               3/21/2017     www.uwatx.org 

Kansas City, MO & KS 3/25/2017 www.heartlandcfc.org

Portland, OR             3/26/2017    www.pacificnwcfc.org

Providence, RI Cape Cod 3/26/2017 www.riandsemacfc.org

Everett, WA             3/26/2017          www.cfcnps.org

Seattle, WA            3/27/2017        www.kingcountycfc.org

Charleston, SC       3/27/2017    www.coastalcarolinacfc.org

Nevada                   3/27/2017      www.nevadacfc.org

Richmond, VA       3/27/2017      www.cfcofcva.org

Boston, MA           3/27/2017       www.easternmasscfc.org

San Diego, CA       3/27/2017        www.socalcfc.org

Atlanta, GA            3/27/2017      www.cfcaaga.org

New Mexico          4/1/2017        www.newmexicocfc.org

Milwaukee, WI     4/1/2017        www.greaterwicfc.org

Oklahoma City, OK 4/1/2017      www.cfc-centralok.org

Connecticut           4/1/2017       www.westernmacfc.org

Nashville Knoxville, TN 4/1/2017 www.tnregionalcfc.org

State of Delaware4/17/2017www.delawaresecc.org

King County Washington 4/30/2017  http://www.kingcounty.gov/employees/giving/fornonprofits/applicationformandprocess.aspx

State of Virginia4/30/2017http://www.cvc.virginia.gov/index.html

State of Iowa5/1/2017 http://das.hre.iowa.gov/onegift

State of Montana 5/15/2017 http://hr.mt.gov/charitablegiving.mcpx

District of Columbia 5/29/2017        www.dconefund.gov

City of Houston      5/31/2017          www.houstontx.gov/cmc

City of Boston             6/28/2017      www.cobecc.net

State of Utah                7/1/2017        www.usef.state.ut.us 

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